Puritan Boston Tests Democracy Help

The Puritan Boston Tests Democracy App, is a comprehensive and interactive digital reference to Puritan Boston. 

Puritan Boston Tests Democracy App is a Cross Reference of Data Points, including People, Actions, Places and Events, all used to document the Puritan Boston in an unprecedented manner.  These Data points are displayed as pushpins on a Map,as Events in a searchable, scrollable Table, and as a biography of every prominent individual.

Pertinent information is provided for each Event and Individual, with easy to use links that allow the user to flow to Cross Related Items (i.e. Individuals, Actions, Events and Places).

Map View:  

Displays all Events that occurred 1620 to 1684.  Events are Displayed with a White Flag and a Red Multi-Event Flag (where more than one Event occurred in that exact spot).

Tapping a Flag presents a callout, providing a short description of the event.  Tapping the blue chevron on the callout displays an Event Popup, with a detailed description and photos (if available). 

Tapping the Find Me Arrow which will fly to the user’s location (on a GPS enabled device) and display with a Blue Pulsing Dot. Tapping it again will track the user’s location (on a GPS enabled device) with a Blue Flashlight. 

Table View:  

Displays a series of Stories of Puritan Boston in Chronological order.

Tapping a Table Cell displays a Story Popup, with a detailed account of 17th century Boston and photos (where available).  


Provides the means to jump in the Map View to a particular Place or Landmark.   Tapping on a single Place will display a Popup with the Place’s description and photos.

Tapping on the Map Button will fly to the Place location.

More Tab:

Provides a means to change the way the Map and Table Views are displayed, the Zoom Level, and offers a complete Bibliography, information about the Authors, and the Congressional Library and Achives.  

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