PVI Photo Finish

PVI Photo Finish has been developed for Track and Field, Cross Country and Road Race directors . . . to allow them to time and recap small to medium sized events . . . without multiple stop watches, expensive timing systems or the proverbial popsicle stick handout. 

Simply select the event via easy to use spinners and tap the START button with the gun or horn. Line the App’s Finish Line guide with your actual finish line and record the athlete as they cross the finish line. 

It’s as simple as that!!!! 

PVI Photo Finish records 10 high-resolution photos a second . . . overlaid with the finish line marker and the time. 

After the race: 
•   Scroll through all athletes as they crossed the finish line with their respective time. 
•   Determine winners and losers via photo finishes (Your athletes will see the last few steps of a close race). 
•   E-mail, message, save and/or print individual finish photos. 

Other features: 

•   Late Start feature allows you to start the timer if you missed the gun. 
•   All races are stored to a database that can be backed up automatically to iCloud. Previous events can be opened and reviewed (E-mailed, messaged, saved and printed) 
•   Finish line and time readouts can be overlaid in Red, White or Black (depending on actual lighting) 
•   Ideal for coaches who want to collect workout interval splits 

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