Track and Field Toolkit

The Track and Field Toolkit is designed for the Track, Cross Country and Road Race enthusiast!

The Track and Field Toolkit includes dozens of tools allowing coaches and spectators to:

  • Time Meets - timing and tracking splits across multiple athletes and multiple events
  • Time Workouts -  recording individual performances across repeats, ladders and distance runs
  • Photo Finish - don’t rely on the naked eye or multiple stop watches;  let Photo Finish capture the moment and time for you.
  • Cross Country Scoring - calculate teams’ scores in real time
  • Performance Comparison - calculate an equivalent performance between one distance and another
  • Throwing Events - easily record Shot, Discus, Javelin, Hammer and Weight Performances
  • Horizontal Jumps - easily record Long and Triple Jump Performances
  • Vertical Jumps - easily record High Jump and Pole Vault Performances
  • Records - a handy guide to World, American, Olympic, Collegiate, Junior and High School Records
  • Athlete Database - enter an athlete once (with optional photo) and use throughout the App


Everything can be shared with parents, spectators, athletes or meet directors with a couple taps.   Results can be E-Mailed; Messaged; Exported to Spreadsheets and Databases; and Posted to Twitter and Facebook.  Results are easily stored and/or retrieved for later review or reference.

Gone are the days of paper, pencil and multiple stopwatches. With Track and Field Toolkit, you can record the all important athletic metrics and still enjoy the meet  

Meet Timing:

Events are selected using the fast/fun picker (spin) control. Predefined race distances include all standard metric and yard distances from the indoor sprints to ultra-marathons; runs, walks, relays, XC, tri and biathlon; and gender support (boys, girls, men, women, mixed).  You can add custom distances as well (ideal for those weird Cross Country Courses).

Manually enter your athletes or import them.  Attach Photos of your athletes to make it easier to identify runner, jumpers and throwers during a fast moving meet. 

Setup your athletes in their events prior to a meet and then load them with a simple tap of a button at race time.

Tap the Start Button tap to start the timer . . . and tap the athlete icons as the runners go by various splits . . . the split and running time will display in the bottom half of the screen.

All Popular Relays are supported, changing the athlete on the screen and in the Race Log as handoffs take place.

You missed the starting gun? Hit the late start button and specify how far behind you are . . . Like magic, the timers all adjust. 

Workout Timing

Track times for multiple athletes as they go through complex workouts.  Time their rest periods; interval times; tempo runs; and long run splits. 

Easily compare the 8x400 workout today to the 6x400 workout the previous week.

Workout logs can be printed and posted in the locker room, e-mailed to interested parties or texted to other coaches.


Photo Finish:

Ideal for Track and Field, Cross Country and Road Race directors . . . allowing for the timing and recap of small to medium sized events . . . without multiple stop watches, expensive timing systems or popsicle stick handouts.

Simply select the event via easy to use spinners and tap the START button at the sound of the gun or horn.  Line the App’s Finish Line guide with your actual finish line and record the athletes as they cross the finish line.

It’s as simple as that!!!!


The Track and Field Toolkit records 10 low-resolution photos a second . . . overlaid with the finish line marker and the time.

After the race:

  • Scroll through all athletes as they crossed the finish line with their respective times.
  • Determine winners and losers via photo finishes (by seeing the last few steps of a close race).
  • E-mail, message, save and/or print individual finish photos


Cross Country Scoring:

Allows coaches or spectators to dynamically score a Cross Country meet in real time at any point in a race. As the runners go by, the Track and Field Toolkit scores multiple teams simultaneously, taking into account the complexities of displacement and incomplete teams.

The users simply selects the teams in a particular meet and then at any point in a race (i.e. mile mark, halfway mark or finish) simply clicks on the various teams as the athletes go by. After each touch (or click), the entire meet is rescored. Thus a coach can see how a trailing #5 runner is affecting his team or how a #7 can actually win the meet.

The App....

Supports non-standard scoring systems. In addition to the conventional 5 runner system, the user can score meets with any number of runners from 3 to 12.

Also supports variable numbers of displaced or non-scoring runners.

Gone are the days of counting on fingers, making incorrect assumptions and math errors. The Track and Field Toolkit does it all for you. In addition, the Track and Field Toolkit can be used to score several intermediate points on a course (i.e. mile mark, halfway mark or finish) E-mail the results to one's personal computer or other interested parties.


Performance Comparison:

Your athlete just finished a 5 Mile Race . . . ever wonder what an equivalent 10K  finish time might be, taking into account the slightly slower pace?  What does her best 5K convert to over a Marathon?  How about a mile?

The Performance Comparison uses the fast , easy spinner on your iPhone or iPad to calculate these equivalent times/races. 

There are several popular formulas for projecting a running performance at a distance based upon the performance at another.  This App uses two of them:

  • Pete Riegel: Originally Published in 1977 in Runners World
  • David F. Cameron: Which uses the 10 ten performances at various distances and uses them to computer comparison distances

Finally, the app averages the two results.

Obviously, the closer the distance (i.e. 5 Mile and 10K) the more accurate the result. 


Throwing Events:

Record each weight throw using the the popup spinner, showing the results in feet and meters (the conversion is done both ways).  Each throw is associated to an athlete you defined earlier in the Athlete Database.  The Track and Field Toolkit also records passes and fouls.


Horizontal Jumps:

Record each Long or Triple Jump using the the popup spinner, showing the results in feet and meters (the conversion is done both ways).  Each jump is associated to an athlete you defined earlier in the Athlete Database.  The Track and Field Toolkit also records passes and fouls.

Vertical Jumps:

Track a High Jump or Triple Jump Competition using a toggle switch Clear/Miss/Pass and use the popup spinner to designate the height (in feet and meters, the conversion is done both ways).  Each jump is associated with an athlete you defined earlier in the Athlete Database.  The Track and Field Toolkit also records passes and fouls.



 World/American/Olympic/Collegiate/Junior/High School, Indoor/Outdoor/Road, Men/Women . . . all major records reside in one convenient location.  Many of the World Records have Videos attached.


Athlete Database: 

 Enter (or import) an Athlete once and be able to select him or her with a tap in the Meet Timing, Workout Timing, Field Events, etc.  Optionally you can assign a photo to each athlete.

 The Track and Field Toolkit is designed to operate without an active Internet connection making it convenient for Road Races, Cross Country Meets, or Tracks without WIFI.  Share your recorded results when you can connect again.

 The Track and Field Toolkit is ideal for anyone interested in Track and Field, Road Racing, Race Walking and/or Cross Country.

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