Neuro Primer

Neuro Primer is a reference and teaching tool that is ideal for Medical Students, Residents, Neurologists, Internists, General Practitioners and anyone interested in Clinical Neurology.

Thousands of facts, questions and example patients are organized in an easy to use hand held system. In the Neuro Primer, a user is presented with a patient; asked for diagnosis and then presented with numerous follow-up questions and topics of discussion. 

Neuro Primer uses a fast, intuitive interface based upon cascading, drill-in/drill-out tables. The entire system runs on your device and does not depend on slow Internet queries. 

Neuro Primer is divided into seven chapters: 

• Disorders of Cognitive Function 
• Headache and Facial Pain 
• Motor Deficits 
• Disorders of Somatic Sensation 
• Movement Disorders 
• Seizures and Syncope 
• Coma 

The Neuro Primer is searchable by key word . . . tap in "Tumor" and quickly have access to dozens of references and then drill in and out of the various topics. 

Any word, term or phrase in a Neuro Primer topic can be selected and then automatically searched in Wiki for external reference. 

The 2.0+ version of Neuro Primer has Flash Card Functionality with 980 drill and practice questions. Flash Card can display by Chapter (same as above); preset order; or randomly. App keeps track of your progress in each session. 

Neuro Primer content was compiled and prepared by a well respected and published Neurologist at one of the Nation's premier teaching hospitals. 

While Neuro Primer is a handy reference and teaching tool, it should not be relied on for Medical Diagnosis or Treatment

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