Teacher’s Tally Tracker

Teacher’s Tally Tracker is a handy utility designed to help the busy teacher stay on top of record keeping.  Designed by a veteran elementary school teacher tired of sifting through papers to find needed checklists and adding up tallies to monitor student progress, Teacher’s Tally Tracker keeps everything in one place and up-to-date. 

Does your class have a field trip coming up in the near future? When the permission slips are turned in, simply click the “yes” box next to student names on the class roster.  With a simple glance, it is easy to see who has brought theirs in and who hasn’t.

Do you reward students with homework passes after bringing in their assignments on time for a number of days? Let Teacher’s Tally Tracker do the counting for you. When Eva brings in her homework, click the “+” button next to her name and her total count will increase.

Set-up of Teacher’s Tally Tracker could not be easier. Enter your student names and optional photos to create a class. Multiple classes can be created for those who teach more than one class or wishing to create small groups within a class. Likewise, any number of tally records can be generated. The app is highly customizable offering teachers the choice to use either a yes or no or a plus or minus format for each record created.

Records may be printed or shared through text messaging, email and/or social media and options are offered for a simple report or a detailed report indicating date and time for each tally entered. 

Why spend more time on record keeping than needed? Let Teacher’s Tally Tracker do the work for you and place organized, efficient records at your fingertips. 

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