To Create a new Class . . . click the Classes Button in the lower lefthand corner of the screen.

From the Class Popup Menu . . . Click the New Class Button

From the resulting Popup Enter a name for the class (i.e. 8th Grade Science); the dimensions of the class; and the number of desks in  the room . . .and their average size.  You can change individual sizes later.

From the classroom layout:

  • Drag the Desks around the room
  • Add Additional Furniture via the Furniture Popup Menu
  • Change the Size of Furniture or Place a Student at a Desk by Long Pressing a Desk or Selecting a Desk and Tapping the Properties Button

From the Property Popup Menu . . . Tap “Add Student” Button . . . and enter the Student Name, Gender and an Optional Photo

From the Action Menu (Lower Right Hand Corner) you can:

  • Print, Message or EMail a Class Roster
  • Take Attendance via the Attendance Wizard
  • Recall and/or Modify Archived Attendance
  • Print, Messag or EMail the Classroom Layout