Using the XC Scoring System

XC Scoring allows coaches or spectators to dynamically score a Cross Country meet in real time at any point in a race.  As the runners go by, XC Scoring scores up to 100 teams simultaneously, taking into account the complexities of displacement and incomplete teams.

1. Click the Edit Button in the Lower Right Hand Corner to Edit the Teams in your meet

2. The Entry Table will turn from Green to Red and the text on the Edit button will Change to Done

3. Click the blue chevron button and you will see the Team Database Table     

4. Select a Team, Add a team or edit the DBMS with the edit button 

5. When you have a complete roster of teams in a meet, click the Done button

6. You’ll see the Entry Table has now turned to Green . . . you are ready to start you meet.

7. Click on a Table Row as an athlete goes by.  XC Scoring is not a timing device but a scoring device, so you don’t have to hurry . . . just make sure you enter the teams in the right order.  If you make a mistake, click Undo and fix it.

The Clipboard will be updated with each split

8. You’ll note that each place is initially marked with a *, to designate that the team does not have enough runners across the line (5) to score in the meet.

9. When the 5th athlete crosses the line, XC Scoring “scores” the meet.  You’ll note points are assigned based up scoring athletes only.  If the points are different from the place in a race . . . points are designated in brackets. 

10. XC Scoring lets a Coach or Spectator truly understand what is happening in a race.