Gettysburg Concordance

A Comprehensive Digital Reference to the Battle of Gettysburg, the Most Significant Battle Ever Fought in the New World.

An indispenable tool for any Civil War enthusiast.  Follow every Regiment, Brigade, Division, Corp or Army across the Region and Battlefield in the month leading up to the Battle of Gettysburg; the historic battle; and the following retreat.

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Track Joshua L. Chamberlain, Robert E. Lee, John F. Reynolds and over 1,300 other individuals.  Read the orders they gave; the engagements they particpated in; the letters they wrote; where they died and when available their photos.

Data is displayed on scaleable maps and easy to search tables.  With a few taps one can search and restrict events to a range of dates, one or more units (over 800); by individual and any combination thereof

The Gettysburg Concordance is a labor of love by James Kences, a renowned researcher who has been studying the Battle of Gettysburg for over 10 years.  In 2012, he was joined by Emerson 'Tad' Baker, award-winning historian and professor at Salem State University and his college roommate, Ethan Whitaker a prominent software designer and entrepreneur . . . Together the threesome began to develop the Gettysburg Concordance.

Despite the sheer volume of data contained in the Gettysburg Concordance, it is fast, easy to use and its operation is an enjoyable experience for the amateur historian, re-enactor,  educator, researcher and even tourist.  One can even walk the battlefield with a GPS enabled iPhone or iPad and see your user position move as the location of important historical events are intersected.

The authors of the Gettysburg Concordance will continue to expand the content as new research comes to life.  Users are encouranged to contribute photos and additional detail that can be included as the content is incrementally improved.

If you are interested in the American Civil War and or the greatest Battle ever fought in the New World . . . you need the Gettysburg Concordance.

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