Maine Antique Shops

Antiquing has become a national obsession. We travel the countryside searching for that unique piece to display, gift or resell. Each stop generates excitement and anticipation . . . “what will we find here”. 

Maine offers unmatched opportunities for the antiquing enthusiast. Hundreds of small villages dot the landscape . . . each with an antique shop, stocked with the treasures of generations of Mainers. 

The “Maine Antique Shops” app will help you find these shops, documenting the over 300 shops, from the Cities of Portland and Bangor, to the Villages of Wiscasset and Mt. Vernon. The “Maine Antique Shops” app is an indispensible companion for the dedicated antiquer. 

Follow the pulsing blue dot as you navigate your way from shop to shop. Tap on the GPS linked icons and review on-line reference material on each shop. 

Would you like to know how to get from Blue Dolphin Antiques to Elmer’s Barn? Simply set the spinners and the app will display the route, complete with turn-by-turn directions and driving and time . . . from any Maine Antique Shop to any other (as well as from your current location). 

Every Antique Shop has its exact GPS coordinates and can be viewed using built in Satellite Maps. 

The “Maine Antique Shops” app will make your next visit to Maine more enjoyable. 

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