Maine Lobster Shacks

The Lobster Dinner or Lobster Roll Lunch is an integral part of any visit to Maine. Some visitors love the little red crustacean so much that lobster ends up on the menu every day. The “Maine Lobster Shack” app lets you find the Seafood Shacks; the Clam Kiosks; the B&Bs; the Convenient Stores; the Diners; the Waterfront Wharfs; and the Restaurants to satisfy one’s Lobster Cravings. 

Documenting over 60 Lobster Shacks dotting the Maine Coast . . . “Maine Lobster Shack” app is an indispensible companion for the dedicated lobster connoisseur. 

Follow the pulsing blue dot as you navigate your way from Lobster Shack to Lobster Shack. Tap on the GPS linked icons and review on-line reference material on each “Shack” 

Would you like to know how to get from the Red’s Eats to Cook’s Lobster House? Simply set the spinners and the app will display the route, complete with turn-by-turn directions and driving and time . . . from any “Shack” to any other (as well as from your current location). 

Every Lobster Shack has its exact GPS coordinates and can be viewed using built in Satellite Maps. 

The “Maine Lobster Shack” app will make your next visit to Maine more informative and satisfying.

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