Ethan Whitaker has been providing intriguing Mobile Apps and Custom Development Services since 2010. Ethan, a 35+ year veteran of Software Development is The Founder and Principal of PVI Maine LLC.

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Contract Development

Ethan Whitaker has led large multi-year projects but he enjoys small applications that take a week to complete. Please contact him regardless of the scope of your project.

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Mobile Apps

Ethan Whitaker has developed over 40 iOS/iPhone/iPad Apps and two dozen Android Apps. Let him get your ideas onto your customer's Mobile Devices.

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Welcome to PVI Maine

Hi, I’m Ethan Whitaker and I’ve been designing software for 35+ years. I’ve worked for major corporations, small startups and dozens of organizations in between. I’ve developed mission critical enterprise applications for enormous Insurance Companies and dozens of iPhone and Android Apps. I’m now semi-retired and take on engagements that excite me. Contact me at…