Running Coach’s Clipboard [Help]

The Running Coach’s Clipboard allows a coach, parent or fan to track times and splits for multiple athletes/across multiple events in any race, meet or workout. This clipboard of results can be stored and retrieved for later review or reference.

Step 1: Enter a Name for the Meet, Race or Workout

Step 2: Specify a Gender/Distance/Type Combo for a Race with the spinners or combos (Mac, Android, Kindle Fire)

Step 3: Add Athletes to the Race by touching an Open Segment in the Competitors Table

Step 4: Select an Athlete from the system database or Add a New Athlete. Selected Athletes Will appear in the Competitors Table

Step 5: Click Start to Begin Timing the Race or Workout, which will start the timer and update the Coach’s clipboard. The Competitors Table Will Turn Green

Step 6: Select a Split Distance

Step 7: Touch on the Competitors as they go by the Split Marker

Step 8: And touch on the Competitors as they complete the Race/workout

Step 9: Click Stop All when all Athletes Have Finished

By Clicking the ‘Setup Meet/Races’ button you can also pre-setup all of the your runner’s events prior to the meet and recall them by clicking the ‘Load Meet/Races’ button.

Field Events

Step 1: Select Field Events button

Step 2: Specify a Gender/Event/Flight Combo (the screen changes depending on the event selected)

Step 3: Select new athletes in the same manner as before

Step 4: Record results.

For the High Jump and Pole Vault, select the height of the jump. On all three jumps/vaults, Clear (O), Miss (X), and Pass (P) can be selected.

For Jumps and Throwing events, the distance of the throws can be selected in addition to a passed turn or a Foul.

Adding Photos to Athletes

Step 1: Go to your Athlete Database and select Add, Edit, Delete Athletes.

Step 2: Pick an athlete and select Set Photo

Step 3: Select from your various photos

Step 4: Once a photo is selected, press OK to lock in the photo of the athlete. If you ever want to delete or change the photo, simply select Clear Photo