Ingrid Whitaker is a 4th Grade Teacher at Pond Cove School in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. After her 30+ years in the classroom she knows what technology can help her educate her students, and worked with Ethan to design three apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Her first and most popular is “Where Are My Student” that tracks how long one or more students have been in the bathroom, getting a drink, at Lost-and-Found or with Mom at the doctor’s office.

Classroom Seating and Attendance
Classroom Seating and Attendance is a powerful utility designed to make the busy teacher's life easier. Developed by a veteran elementary school teacher, this powerful utility tracks class attendance, seating assignments and furniture layout.

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Teacher’s Tally Tracker
Teacher’s Tally Tracker is a handy utility designed to help the busy teacher stay on top of record keeping. Designed by a veteran elementary school teacher tired of sifting through papers to find needed checklists and adding up tallies to monitor student progress, Teacher’s Tally Tracker keeps everything in one place and up-to-date.

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Where Are My Students
Where Are My Students tracks these comings and goings with a simple tap on an iPhone, iPad or Mac. The App is so easy to use that even the youngest students can check themselves out and in should the teacher wish.

Enter your student names and optional photos; your own categories (Bathroom, Principal, Gifted Programs, etc.); make notes on the fly and setup your own timers and alarms. The App. is very user friendly and easy to customize.

Whenever a student is checked out of the room, a handy on-screen timer appears next to that student’s name. This is a huge help to teachers of all levels, elementary through high school, who want to track not only who is out of the room and where they are, but for how long they have been gone.

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